Pubblicazione del 25-05-2009

Good practice in enterprise, public services and society. Case studies for Tuscany

Collana: Toscana 2030

Copertina - Cover The current phase of production restructuring and profound institutional changes affecting Tuscany and, more generally, the entire country, is further aggravated by the complex international economic situation. Despite this, the region reveals a wide range of entities marked by a great capacity for innovation, including enterprises, production systems, bodies and public administrations.
The spontaneous emergence of good practices in the regional system is an aspect that calls for due reflection, with a view to exploring the possibility of spreading the innovative models and the potential of this process through Tuscan economy and society. Underlying the working hypothesis is the awareness that the innovative process depends on the simultaneous involvement of the entire regional context: businesses, public administration, society and territory. The meaning of good practice, aimed at grasping innovative capacity as a lever for economic and social development, is not limited to profit performance, but explores both the capacity to introduce discontinuity and the solidity of growth, focusing on financial feasibility but also on the social and territorial sustainability of the processes launched.
This study comes within the framework of the Toscana 2030 project, promoted by the Tuscan Regional Authority and co-ordinated by IRPET.
The book contains contributions by Nicola Bellini, Alessandro Petretto and Enzo Rullani, members of the Scientific Committee of Toscana 2030.

Autore: Edited by Patrizia Lattarulo – Introduction by Claudio Martini Chiara Agnoletti, Lara Antoni, Lorenzo Bacci, Giovanni Bernacca, Simone Bertini, Michele Beudò, Enrico Conti, Francesco Felici, Sabrina Iommi, Marco Mariani, Sara Mele, Alessandra Pescarolo, Teresa Savino, Iacopo Zetti (IRPET researchers); Francesca Calonaci, Simona Dolfi, Veronica Navarra, Filippo Tosi (IRPET collaborators); Simone Falorni, Silvia Sassetti (Fondazione Toscana Sostenibile); Chiara Del Sordo, Francesca Scarselli (Sociolab)

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