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Car stickiness: Heuristics and biases in travel choice

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Copertina - Cover We conduct a laboratory experiment to investigate the factors determining travel mode choice. Two different scenarios are considered. In the first scenario, subjects have to decide whether to commute by car or by metro. Metro costs are fixed, while car costs are uncertain and determined by the joint effect of casual events and traffic congestion. In the second scenario, subjects have to decide whether to travel by car or by bus, whose costs are determined by a different combination of chance and traffic congestion. Subjects receive feedback information on the actual travel times of both modes. We find that individuals show a marked preference for cars, are inclined to confirm their first choice and exhibit travel mode stickiness. We conclude that travel mode choice is subject to cognitive heuristics and biases leading to robust deviations from rational behaviour.

Pubblicato su Transport policy volume 25, January 2013, pages 158-168

vedi anche: A. Innocenti; P. Lattarulo; M.G. Pazienza (2009). Heuristics and Biases in Travel Mode Choice,LABSI WORKING PAPER, pp. 1-27, siena: Experimental Economics Laboratory Labsi

Autore: Alessandro Innocenti, Patrizia Lattarulo, Maria Grazia Pazienza

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